TANZANIA  2010  (TSTS 2010)

Konstantin Shidlovskiy, Sergey Torgashev and Sergey Streltsov






Location TSTS 10/04 and N. neumanni collected

Loc. TSTS 10/05  and the members of the trip,  K. Shidlovsky, S. Torgashev and S. Streltsov

N. sp TSTS 10/05 . Two color forms (white and yellow)

N. sp TSTS 10-5 just after collection


N.sp.Piti river TSTS 10/06



Location TSTS 10/7
 Location TSTS 10/10


N. geminus TSTS 10/11

N. lourensi  TSTS 10/12


Location TSTS 10/13


N. eggersi TSTS 10/14


Location TSTS 10/15 and N. eggersi collected.


Location TSTS 10/16 and N. janpapi collected


S. Streltsov, S.Torgashev and K. Shidlovsky on Nyassa lake.



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