The majority of these photos has the express authorization of his authors ; Others (fews exceptions) nevertheless have declared specifically their refusal, and in others cases are published the photos because consulted his author it was not any affirmative or negative answer . In these cases if the authors of the same ones do not want that they appear in this Web, the photos will be cleared as soon as I receive his notification. In any case the pictures copyrights belong to their authors and it is not authorized by any case the commercial use of any of them withhout express authorization of the proprietor.The intention publishing these pictures is can to contribute to know the various species and nothobranhius populations in the hobby, or extinguished already.This section is open to any nothobranchius photo that you have if you want that it appears in the page with an acceptable quality and preferably of not too common species. Some of these species unfortunately we only will be able to see them in photos since they are had lost in hobby. If you have some material and you want that appear in this web please click here.
PHOTO AUTHORS Bob Morenski Lothar Seegers Ruud Wildekamp Alf Persson Kiril Kardasheb Al Anderson Marc Bellemans Stefano Valdesalici Jaroslaw Kadlec Stephen Boulet Patrice Lambert Bruce Turner Neil Armstrong Francisco Casado Dusan Kojic Julian Haffegee Winfried Stenglein Kjell Nilsson Monthy Lemmans Geert Van Huijgevoort Manso Duarte Javier Rabanal Gunther Schamaus Bill Shenefeld Karl Doering Vasco Gomes Werner Krammer David Kopecek JJui-Pin Paul Wu