K.F.N. 2005




 Some NMG members in the Holland Convention 2005. At the left: John Rosenstock, Jose Ramon Garcia, Paco Casado. At the right: John again and  Kenneth Gorm Rasmussen. Also in the photo J. Hoetmer and Shinzo Miwa.


Ian Sainthouse and Didier Pillet


S.E.K. 2006


Jorge Sanjuan and Alberto Reiss /                                                          Holger, Pere Sastre, Paco Casado....


Holger Hengstler/                                                                                       Juan A. Martin and Karel Bruckler                                                                                     / Jose Ramon Tauste



B.K.A. 2008



S.K.S. 2010





Alf Persson with Anita,   Jørn Bocklund and John Rosenstock





 S.E.K. 2011








Alberto Reiss, Roberto Arbolea, Juan Antonio Martin, Pere Sastre

 Jørn Bocklund giving a conference about Zambia




S.E.K. 2012