N.M.G. Awards



A.P.K. Show 2006:  EDUARDO BERNARDO for a pair of  N. sp Olumbe MZHL 05/15




B.K.A. Show 2006:  PETER RILEY for a pair of  N. rachovii MOZ 99/9

                                                                                       Andy Gabbutt (on the left) moments before giving the N.M.G. award to Peter Riley .                        The winning fish.


S.K.S. Show 2006: ANITA PERSON for  N. steinforti

Anita Persson receiving the trophy



A.I.K. Show 2006:  MARCO VACCARI for  N. orthonotus MZM 03/4

 Marco Vaccari with the prize given by Stefano

The winning fish.



K.F.N. Show 2006:

                                                                                     Ruud Willdekamp with the N.M.G. trophy                Karl Hienz Luke (Germany)  winner of the award with N.fuscotaeniatus



D.K.G. Show 2006:  WERNER KRAMMER for  N.kirki Chilwa


S.E.K. 2006: PEDRO CUBILLOS for a F. Thierry breeding group


During the  SEK Convention given the  first NMG award  to the conservation. In the photo John Rosenstock give the prize to the winner, Pedro Cubillos


S.E.K. 2011. TOM VER EECKE for a Nothobranchius jubbi Witu KEN 10/11




Jørn Bocklund giving the prize.....to nobody because TOM VER EECKE (B.K.V.)   was not in Gijon.

Tom with the prize in his home.

The winning fish is for Nothobranchius jubbi Witu KEN 10/11