N. robustus Namalira UGN 09/12 (c) F.Casado N. robustus Kalisizo UGN 17-20 N. robustus Kalisizo UGN 17-20     (c)Tony Rowley
Nothobranchius robustus
Ahl, 1935
Über neue oder seltene Afrikanische Zahnkarpfen der Gattung Aphyosemion und Nothobranchius. Zool. Anz., 112: 123-129.}
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Zonothobranchius.
Geographical Distribution Maps
Kenya; Tanzania; Uganda
Tschangarra Tanzania,Masaka-Kampala, Uganda,Mbarara- Masaka,Kalisizo, Masaka-Kakuto, Uganda,Fort Protal-Kampala, Uganda,…. Type locality: Sumpfbay Tschangarra, Nord Usinja, Tanzania.
Status specie: accepted by all authors.Dubious and confused origin. In recent years they have only been caught in Uganda. In captivity : N. robustus has some peculiarities with other Nothobranchius. Short incubation, difficult to maintain several generations. They are prone to staying small in size.