MZCS08-01 – Limpopo basin (fur, ortho) MZCS08-02 – Limpopo basin (fur, ortho, rachovii) MZCS08-09 – Limpopo basin, fish typically in deeper water!( furz, ortho) MZCS08-23 – equals MZM04-06, about 80 fish in such a small pool (2 orto, 78 fur) MZCS08-29 – equals MZM04-07, no fish in the main pool, all fish in 10 m2 near a person (furzeri) N. sp. aff. rachovii - MZCS08-34 (Machaila)
MOZAMBIQUE 2008 (MZCS/ 08) Martin Reichard, Matej Polacik, Ondrej Sedlacek 5-26 February 2008
Scientific expedition from Czech Academy of Sciences to collect samples of Nothobranchius furzeri, N. orthonotus and N. rachovii species complex and to study their biology in the field.Area between Maputo and Beira covered by extensive sampling (124 sites)
Codes of populations transported back to Europe - MZCS08-34 (Machaila) –15 km northwest from Machaila village - MZCS08-53 (Chigamane) – about2 km from Chigamane village - MZCS08-81 (Panda) – near Inhassane village on Inharrime-Panda road - MZCS08-91 (Gorongosa) –3 km southeast from theGorongosa River - MZCS08-96 (Beira) – nearBeira Airport - MZCS08-100 (Buzi) –1.5 km southeast from theBuzi River, near Estanquinha village - MZCS08-108 (Save) –13 km northwest from theSave River - MZCS08-120 (Mazimechopes) – south of theLimpopo, route to Massingir Dam - MZCS08-122 (Bala-Bala) –about5 km from Bala-Bala village
N. rachovii - MZCS08-34 (Machaila) N. furzeri - MZCS08-53 (Chigamane MZCS08-67 – lower Limpopo basin (rachovii, orthonotus) N. pienari - MZCS08-81 (Panda)  N. pienari - MZCS08-81 (Panda) N.  MZCS08-91 (Gorongosa) N. rachovii - MZCS08-96 (Beira) N. rachovii - MZCS08-96 (Beira) N. rachovii - MZCS08-96 (Beira)  N. pienari - MZCS08-100 (Buzi) MZCS08-100 – high abundance of rachovii, jumping out of the water when approached MZCS08-99 – site with sympatric occurrence of N.kadleci and N. orthonotus N. kadleci MZCS08-108 (Save) male1 N. kadleci MZCS08-108 (Save) male2  N. kadleci -MZCS08-108 (Save) male2  N. kadleci MZCS08-108 (Save) male2  N. furzeri - MZCS08-120 (Mazimechopes)  N. furzeri - MZCS08-122 (Bala-Bala) MZCS08-124 – habitat in the Veneteze river area, part of the Incomati basin (southernmost distribution of furzeri, only yellow males captured) Fish from MZCS08-99 after collection (N. kadleci and  N. orthonotus)
Dr Martin Reichard Institute of Vertebrate Biology Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Kvetna 8 603 65 Brno Czech Republic 
Photographs copyright: Ondrej Sedlacek(fish) and Martin Reichard (habitats)