Democratic Republich of Congo March/April 2008
Holger Hengstler
DRCH-2008-02 Kyembe-N.polli DRCH-2008-02 Kyembe N.polli collected DRCH-2008-06 Sange-N.malaissei Floodplain near the village Sange-DRCH.2008-06 Road-to-Sange-DRCH-2008-06 Huge Floodplain at the Kabungu River-DRCH-2008-07 Bukeya Floodplain Holger Hengstler-DRCH-2008-02-Kyembe-N.polli DRCH-2008-10 Bukeya-N.hassoni Road to Sange-N.malaissei DRCH-2008-09-Bukeya-Floodplain malaissei Sange DRCH 2008-06 Nothobranchius polli Kyembe DRCH 2008-02 N.malaissei hassoni_Kasamaba River_DRCH_2008-09 DRCH-2008-02 Kyembe N.polli collected N.hassoni Kabungu River DRCH2008-07
N. polli Kyembe DRCH 08/02 N. malaissei Sange DRCH 08/06 N: hassoni DRCH 08/ 07 N: hassoni DRCH 08/ 09 N: hassoni DRCH 08/ 10
Species collected