(c) Hu Quingtao N.boklundi Luangwa Valley ZAM 09-2 N. boklundi Luangwa Valley ZAM 09-2 red N. boklundi Luangwa Valley ZAM 09-2 red and blue morph N.boklundi Luangwa Valley ZAM 09-2 blue
Nothobranchius boklundi
Valdesalici, 2010
Valdesalici, S. 2010. Nothobranchius boklundi (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae): a new annual Killifish with two male colour Morphs from the Luangwa River basin, Zambia. Aqua, Journal of Ichthyology and Aquatic Biology, 16 (2): 52, figs. 1-7. Abstract A new species of an annual killifish, Nothobranchius boklundi, is described based on specimens collected from ephemeral bodies of water in the Luangwa River basin, eastern Zambia. The new species belongs to the Nothobranchius brieni species-group and is distinguished from the other members by different male and female coloration and morphological characters.
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Zonothobranchius.
Geographical Distribution Maps
Luangwa N.P. Type locality: eastern bank floodplains of the Luangwa river, about 650 m southeast Kapani Lodge and 1500 m from the river, near South Luangwa National Park main gate, eastern Province, (eastern) Zambia.
Status specie: accepted by all authors. In captivity :Standard conditions maintenance.