N.M.G. Awards N.M.G. Awards N.M.G. Awards N.M.G. Awards
. The N.M.G. trophies delivered without fixed schedule 2023 AKA Convention in Michigan Francesc Bagant (SEK, Spain ) Nothobranchius ditte Kilwa CD 16-13 Nothobranchius ditte Kilwa CD 16-13 2011 SEK Convention  Gijon. Spain. TOM VER EECKE  (BKV, Belgium) for a Nothobranchius jubbi Witu KEN 10/11 The winning fish is for Nothobranchius jubbi Witu KEN 10/11 2006 BKA Convention. Andy Gabbutt (on the left)  giving the N.M.G. award to Peter Riley for a pair of  N. rachovii MOZ 99/9 The winning fish APK Convention. DKG Convention. EDUARDO BERNARDO for  N. sp Olumbe MZHL 05/15 WERNER KRAMMER FOR N. kirki Chilwa AIK Convention. Marco Vaccari with the prize Marco Vaccari with the prize The winning fish. N.orthonotus KFN Convention. Karl Hienz Luke (Germany)  winner of the award with N.fuscotaeniatus SKS Convention. Anita Persson receiving the trophy from Jhon Rosenstock The winning specie N.steinforti. SEK Convention. John Rosenstock give the prize to the winner, Pedro Cubillos
Holger Henstler's lecture "Best of Nothobranchius collecting 2005-2018" at the SEK Convention in 2023.
How to breed Nothobranchius killifish by Devin Espinoza. TAKO
Interview to Steve Ehrlich on revue «Amazonas» about his trip collecting Nothobranchius in Kenya 2023
K.C.F. Convention Lac Des  Sapins SAMI LASFAR  for N. symoensi sitambuli ZMHK 22-04
Turquoise Killyfish (Nothobranchius furzeri) embryo development. Courtesy and copyright «Research laboratory of the Department of Life and Environmental Sciences Polytechnic University of Marche Ancona Italy»
Breeding and Care of Nothobranchius by Tyrone Genade . Youtube
3 interesting and historical videos of Trevor Wood collecting Nothobranchius. Years 1994/5.In memoriam
2024 K.F.N. Convention. Asperen RIAN SNOEK  for N. sp Manono CD 23/26 Rian Snoek receiving the trophy N.M.G. N.sp Manono CD 23/26