N. brieni Bukama CD 13-4 N. brieni Bukama CD 13-4
Poll, M. 1938. Poissons du Katanga (Bassin du Congo), récoltés par le professeur Paul Brien. Rev. Zool. Bot. Afr., 30 (4): 409, fig. 11.
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Zonothobranchius. Group: brieni
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Type locality: Lualaba drainage: Bukama, 09°11' S, 25°51' E; P. Brien, May 1937.Democratic Republic of Congo known only from few sites, near Bukama, middle Lualaba, and near Lake Upemba, Upempa Park, lower Lulalaba basin, Shaba province, southeastern Zaïre. - Bukama, Shaba Province, S.E. Zaïre * [9.208 S : 25.850 E] Brien, 1937 | Poll, 1938 - Mabwe, E. Lake Upemba, S.E. Zaire [8.683 S : 26.550 E] de Witte, 1848 | Huber, 1996a
Bukama (CD 13-4)
Status specie: Accepted by all authors. In captivity :Species not very abundant in the hobby, probably because it is not an excessively striking color. Standard conditions for the maintenance of Nothobranchius in aquarium.
Sainthouse, I.F.N. 1985b. Notes on the Nothobranchius Species from Zambia and the adjacent Area of Zaire and Namibia. British Killifish Association (B.K.A.), Killi News, 244: 57-76, figs. [brieni N.: Sys]
Nothobranchius brieni Nothobranchius brieni Nothobranchius brieni Nothobranchius brieni
Poll, 1938
N. brieni Bukama CD 13-4