N.elongatus Mackinnon Road K2015 N.elongatus Mackinnon Road K2015- N.elongatus Mariakani KEN 07-3 (c) winfrien Stenglein
Die Nothobranchius Arten des Küstengebietes Kenias. Aquar. Terr. Zeit. (D.A.T.Z.), 35 (9): 338, fig.
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Adiniops. Group: Melanospilus
Geographical Distribution Maps Some locations
Kenya Type locality: Near Kaioleni, along the Mombasa-Kaioleni road, southern Kenya. 3.883 S : 39.733 Others places:Northern surroundings Kaioleni, E. Kenya * [3.883 S : 39.733 E] Leaky, 1962 | Wildekamp, 1982 Extension: Short. in Manjema and Kombeni river basins
Status specie: Generally accepted. In captivity; standard maintenance conditions. See article. Short incubation (between 8 and 11 weeks) depending on the temperature. In my case, I had a large proportion of males for several generations.
Nagy, B. 2009. Distribution of Nothobranchius species in the coastal part of Kenya. Journal of the American Killifish Association, 42 (5): 194–214. [collecting, distribution]
Nothobranchius elongatus Nothobranchius elongatus Nothobranchius elongatus Nothobranchius elongatus
Wildekamp 1982