Nothobranchius flagrans, a new species of annual killifish from the Lufira drainage, Democratic Republic of Congo (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae). Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwaters, 25 (3) (December 31.): 265, figs. 4-6. Abstract: Nothobranchius flagrans belongs to the N. brieni species-group, presenting the diagnostic characters in male colouration for this complex of the caudal and anal fins proximal portion spotted, distal part with light margin or light submarginal band and dark margin; absence of a dark distal margin on the dorsal fin; absence of spots on head; and absence of black posterior margin of scales . Nothobranchius flagrans is distinguished from all other species of this complex, with the exception of N. hassoni, by having the anal and caudal fins with broad orange-red submarginal band . It is, however, further distinguished from N. hassoni by having a dorsal fin with a light blue distal margin vs. absent; and anal and caudal fins with dark grey distinct margin vs. red-brown . Furthermore, within the N. brieni species-group, N. flagrans is characterised by the following unique combination of morphometric characters: prepelvic length 49.5-52.6% of standard length; head depth 86-92% of head length; and caudal peduncle length 151-161% of its depth
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Zonothobranchius. Group: brieni
Geographical Distribution Maps
Type locality:about 2.5 km north of Pande village, Mufufya River, lower Lufira drainage, Katanga province, (DR Congo) Zaïre.10.608 S : 26.843 E Extension: Only known from the type locality in the Mufufya River basin (Lufira drainage, upper Congo River basin) in Katanga Province of Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kabungu River CD 13-7, Kabungu River DRCH 2008-07
Status specie: Mostly accepted Difficult species to maintain. I couldn't get them to sturdiness.Very rare in the hobby presently, possibly lost.
Related: Krysanov, E. & T. Demidova 2018. Extensive Karyotype Variability of African fish genus Nothobranchius (Cyprinodontiformes). Comparative Cytogenetics, 12 (3) :387-402. [flagrans N.: Gen/Sys]
Nagy, 2014
Nothobranchius flagrans Nothobranchius flagrans Nothobranchius flagrans Nothobranchius flagrans Nothobranchius flagrans Kabungu River CD 13-7 Nothobranchius flagrans Kabungu River CD 13-7 Nothobranchius flagrans Kabungu River CD 13-7