Unknown geminus TZH-2018-101 Ifakara (c)Holger Hengstler
Two new species of the genus Nothobranchius (Cyprinodontiformes: Aplocheilidae) from the Kilombero River basin, Tanzania. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 13 (1): 1–10.
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Aphyobranchius. Group: janpapi
Geographical Distribution Maps
Type locality: Tanzania: Ifakara, interconnected pools in a flooded grassy area, 2 km south of the town of Ifakara on the side of the road to the ferry across the Kilombero River (08°10' S, 36°42' E). Anothers locations: - Road to Malinyi, 77km S. Kilombero (Ulanga) River, Tanz. [8.633 S : 36.387 E] Watters et al., 2000 | Wildekamp et al., 2002 - Road to Malinyi, 27km S. Kilombero (Ulanga) River, Tanz. [8.391 S : 36.658 E] Watters et al., 2000 | Wildekamp et al., 2002 Extension: Short.
Ifakara TAN 95-4 Iragua (TAN 00-16) Lupiro (TAN 00-15 Narubungo (TAN 02-24) TSTS 2010-11
Status specie: Accepted by all authors Maintenance in captivity: Fragile species, especially as most Aphyobranchius due to its extremely small size at birth, which makes the use of infusoria essential for at least a week. It lives in the upper part of the aquarium, which, together with the configuration of its flat back, clearly indicates that its diet is specialized in small flying insects. After 10 or 15 days after birth they are already able to eat nauplii of newly hatched brine shrimp and their maintenance does not differ much from standard care.
Watters, B.R. 2017. Nothobranchius fishes of the Kibasira Swamp. Journal of the American Killifish Association (J. Amer. Killifish Assoc., JAKA), 49 (5- 6) (2016): 131-153, 23 figs. [geminus N.: Mor/Eco/Pat/Beh/Dis]
Wildekamp, Watters & Sainthouse, 2002
N.geminus TSTS 10-11 Nothobranchius geminus Nothobranchius geminus Nothobranchius geminus Nothobranchius geminus