Wildekamp, R. H. 1977. Nothobranchius lourensi sp. nov. und Nothobranchius janpapi sp. nov., zwei neue Rivulinen aus Ost Afrika. Das Aquarium, 11 (98): 326–331.
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Aphyobranchius. Group: janpapi
Geographical Distribution Maps
Tanzania Type locality:along the Morogoro to Dar-es-Salaam road, between the bridges over the Ruvu and Kwazara rivers . Tanzania. 06°41.9' S, 38°42.3' E; collected by J. Lourens, Jul 1976, Other places: - Morogoro-Dar es Salaam Rd, at weighing station, Tanz. [6.669 S : 38.585 E] Grimsby et al., 2014 | Huber, online - near Ruvu river, at flow out from Uluguru Mts, Tanzania [7.049 S : 37.933 E] Grimsby et al., 2014 | Huber, online
RUVU TZN 2017-9" Ruvu River TZN 09-4 Makurunge TZN 18-14 Rufiji River TZH 2005-07 Kikongo (TAN 98-9) Mohoro (TNKS 13-03 Rufiji River Camp (TAN95/7) 7.700 S : 38.217 E Ndundu (TAN95/10), [8.017 S : 39.017 E S. Kitonga TAN 97/36 [8.073 S : 39.002 E] Mahoro TAN 97/35 [8.130 S : 39.069 E] Somanga TAN 97/34 [8.373 S : 37.275 E]
Status specie: Generally accepted. The greatest difficulty of this species lies in its small size at birth and the need to feed it with infusoria for at least the first 7 days. Behavior consistent with the Aphyobranchius group, generally inhabiting the upper part of the aquarium. It is not very common in the hobby, possibly due to the difficulty mentioned above and the less active and spectacular behavior of other subgenera of Nothobranchius.
Related: Hause, W. 1981. Nothobranchius janpapi Wildekamp, 1977. D.K.G. (Deutsche Killifisch Gemeinschaft) Journal, 13 (12): 181-183, fig. [janpapi N.: Aquar] Seegers, L. 1984c. Nothobranchius luekei spec. nov., ein neuer Prachtgrunkärpfling aus Tanzania. Aquarien und Terrarien-Zeitschrift (Aquar. Terr. Zeit., D.A.T.Z.), 37 (7): 248-252, figs. [janpapi N.: Sys] Sainthouse, I.F.N. 1996. Tanzania' 95. I, II, III. British Killifish Association (B.K.A.), Killi News, 369: 77-85, 10 figs.; 370: 92-97, 11 figs.; 371: 107- 113, 10 figs. [janpapi N.: Coll/Pat]
Wildekamp, 1977
Nothobranchius janpapi Nothobranchius janpapi Nothobranchius janpapi Nothobranchius janpapi
N.janpapi FTZ 2009-20 Vigwaza (C) Steffen Fick N. janpapi 'Mohoro' TZ 08-23 N. janpapi 'Nyamwage' TZ 08-21 N.janpapi tsts 10-16