Vinciguerra, D. 1897. Pesci raccolti dal Cap. V. Bottego, durante la sua seconda spedizione nelle regione dei Somali e dei Galla. Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale Giacomo Doria (Genova) (2) 17 (37): 343–364. Distinguished from all other species of the genus by its humpback, convex dorsal profile and concave transition between head and body along dorsal midline, numerous small and irregularly set scales in the longitudinal series, 26-30 gill-rakers in contrast to 12-15 in other species, long and closely set, dark vertical bar through the eye, uniform drab male color pattern, and courting behavior
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Cynobranchius
Geographical Distribution Maps
Kenya and Somalia Type locality:Saha, between Brava and Lugh, at foot of Mount Egherta, southern Somalia. (02°20'N 43°20'E). Distribution small, in middle Uebi Scebeli, Juba and upper Madogoi basins in southern Somalia and neighboring eastern Kenya, from middle Tana and Sabaki basins. - Between Brava & Lugh, Mt Egherta, S. Somalia * [2.333 N : 43.333 E] Bottego, 1895 | Vinciguerra, 1897 - Bur Eibi, Bur Acaba District, S. Somalia [2.983 N : 44.267 E] Haas, 1979 | Huber, 1996a
Mnazini (KEN 08-8 Mnazini KEN 08-9, Warfa Baomo (KEN 10-3
Status specie: Accepted unanimously.
Related: Myers, G.S. 1933a.The Genera of Indo-Malayan and African Cyprinodont Fishes related to Panchax and Nothobranchius. Copeia, (4): 180-185. [microlepis N.: in Nothobranchius] Rosenstock, J. 1995. Nothobranchius North to South. British Killifish Association (B.K.A.), Killi News, 362 (November): 155-166, figs. [microlepis N.: Aquar]
Vinciguerra, 1897
Nothobranchius microlepis Nothobranchius microlepis Nothobranchius microlepis Nothobranchius microlepis microlepis Mnazini KEN 08-8 N. microlepis KF 2023-6, Tana-River south. (C) Steffen Fick