Shidlovskiy, K. M., B. R. Watters & R. H. Wildekamp. 2010. Notes on the annual killifish species Nothobranchius rachovii (Cyprinodontiformes; Nothobranchiidae) with the description of two new species. Zootaxa, 2724: 37–57. Abstract: Two new species of the East African annual killifish genus Nothobranchius, N. krysanovi and N. pienaari, occurring on the coastal plains of Mozambique and in the Republic of South Africa, are described. Both are members of a clade, herein termed as N. rachovii species group, within the subgenus Nothobranchius. The species N. rachovii is rediagnosed on the basis of cytology, mtDNA analyses, morphology and male colouration. Both new species, N. krysanovi and N. pienaari, can be distinguished from the other species of the group by male colouration, morphology, cytology and mtDNA sequences. Based on mtDNA analyses the subgenus Zononothobranchius is reviewed and presently regarded as containing only one species. Morphology similar to Nothobranchius rachovii and N. krysanovi but distinguished from those by a slightly deeper body in males (Ref. 85866). Nothobranchius pienaari is distinguished from other species of the genus by the following combination og characters: male with colouration consisting of alternating blue-green to grey-green and dark red-brown to almost black scale margins and oblique bars on body and dorsal and anal fins, dark brown spotted basal half of caudal fin, and orange subterminal and black terminal band
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Nothobranchius. Group: rachovii
Geographical Distribution Maps Rachovii Group
Mozambique Type locality:Chokwe to Massingir road, 101 km southeast Massingir, Mazimechopes river system, (southern) Moçambique. 24°24.7' S, 32°46.6' E Others places: -road Nhamatanda (Vila Machado) to Inchope, 8km SE of Dundo, Pungwe river system (19 40.7 S34 46.7 E) -road Vilankulo to Beira, rest of small river crossing road, S.E. of Mexungue 20 42.97 S34 7.86 E Extension: in the floodplains of several rivers flowing into the Indian Ocean, from south of the lower Zambezi River to the basins of the Chefu, Limpopo, and Mazimechopes Rivers, in central and southern Moçambique and the adjacent part of northeastern South Africa.
Pumbe Picket KNP 1984 Vilanculos (MOZ 99-11) MOZ 99-1 MOZ 99-9 MOZ 03-02 Nhangau (MT 03-04) Mazimechopes River MZ 04-2 Gorongose River MOZ 04-2 Dondo MOZ 04-6 Limpopo MZM 04-02 Muxungue MZHL 2005-04 Buzi MZCS 08-100 Panda (MZCS 08-81) Lower Limpopo MZCS 09-201 MZCS 505
Status specie: Unanimously confirmed. Easy maintenance and prolific species in captivity, similar to N. rachovii.
Related: Watters, B.R., R.H. Wildekamp & B.J. Cooper. 2009. Nothobranchius rachovii Ahl, 1926 - A historical Review. Journal of the American Killifish Association (J. Amer. Killifish Assoc., JAKA), 42: 105-127, figs. [pienaari N.: Dis/Sys/Mis rachovii] Reichard, M., R. Blazek, M. Polacik & M. Vrtilek. 2017. Hatching Date Variability in wild Populations of four coexisting species of African annual fishes. Developmental Dynamics (Dev. Dyn.), 246 (11) (November): 827- 837. [pienaari N.: Emb/Eco]
Shidlovskiy, Watters & Wildekamp, 2010
Nothobranchius pienaari Nothobranchius pienaari Nothobranchius pienaari Nothobranchius pienaari N.pienaari Dondo MOZ 04-6 b N. pienari  Lower Limpocpo MZCS 2009-201 N. pienari  Lower Limpocpo MZCS 2009-201 N. pienaari MOZ 99-1
N. pienaari  MZCS 08-81 Panda