Wildekamp, R.H., B.R. Watters & K.M. Shidlovskiy. 2014. Review of the Nothobranchius neumanni species group with descriptions of three new species from Tanzania (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae). J. Amer. Killifish Assoc., 47 (1) : 16, figs. 13-16.
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Zonothobranchius. Group: neumanni
Geographical Distribution Maps
Tanzania Type locality:100 m south of turnoff to the Ndabaka Gate (Serengeti) on Musoma-Mwanza road, lower Mbalageti River system,2.194 S : 33.869 E Others places:- 15km N.E. Bunda to Nyanuswa (TAN93/16), Tanz. (aff.) [1.933 S : 34.000 E] Watters et al., 1993 | Huber, 1996a - Tarime bas., 21km W. Nata (TAN93/5), Tanzania [1.950 S : 34.250 E] Watters et al., 1993 | Huber, 1996a - 21 km W. Nata, 11 km E. Mugeta, central Tanzania [1.968 S : 34.294 E] Watters et al., 1993 | Wildekamp et al., 2014 - 5km W. Nata (TAN93/3), Tanzania. [1.983 S : 34.383 E] Watters et al., 1993 | Huber, 1996a Extension: Short. in Tarime River system (a tributary of Ruwana and Grumeti river systems), and in lower Mbalageti River drainage (all systems in southeastern Lake Victoria basin),
Tarime River (TAN 93-5) TAN 93-3 Ndabaka Gate (TAN 00-4 Kiandere (K 2011-19) Issenye TZHK 18-14 Isenye TZN 19-14
Status specie: Not unanimously confirmed
Related: Wildekamp, R. H. 1990. Redescription of two lesser known Nothobranchius from central Tanzania, N. taeniopygus and N. neumanni (Cyprinodontiformes: Aplocheilidae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 1 (3): 193–206. [taxonomy, systematics, distribution, ecology]
Wildekamp, Watters & Shidlovskiy, 2014
Nothobranchius sagittae Nothobranchius sagittae Nothobranchius sagittae Nothobranchius sagittae N. sagittae Isenye TZN 19-14
N. sagittae Kiandere K 2011-19 Nothobranchius-sagittae-Kiandere-K2011-19