Wildekamp, R.H., B.R. Watters & K.M. Shidlovskiy. 2014. Review of the Nothobranchius neumanni species group with descriptions of three new species from Tanzania (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae). J. Amer. Killifish Assoc., 47 (1) : 21, figs. 18-20.
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Zonothobranchius. Group: neumanni
Geographical Distribution Maps
Tanzania Type locality: 49 km East of Mwanza in direction of Nyalikungu on road B6, (central) 2.583 S : 33.317 E Extension: Short. Tarime River system (a tributary of Ruwana River), Grumeti River, lower Mbalageti River, and lower Duma, Simiyu and Mata rivers
Bunda (TAN 93-6) Ikoma (TAN 93-1) Ndabaka (TAN 93-7) Nyalikungu (TAN 93-9) Tarime River (TAN 93-5 Magu (TAN 03-17) Kalemera (K 11-15) Lamadai (TZHK 2018-12)
Status specie: Accepted generally. Before his description as N. serengetiensis were named N. neumanni. Possibly missing in the hobby currently. Difficult fish in captivity. In my personal experience I never managed to obtain robust specimens with the standard maintenance conditions (see article).
Related: Merwe, P.D.W. van der, F.P.D. Cotterill, M. Kandziora, B.R. Watters, B. Nagy, T. Genade, T.J. Fl├╝gel, D.S. Svendsen & D.U. Bellstedt. 2020. Genomic Fingerprints of Palaeogeographic History: The tempo and mode of Rift tectonics across tropical Africa has shaped the diversification of the killifish genus Nothobranchius (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (Mol. Phylogenet. Evol.), 158, 106988, (online 13 October 2020, print May 2021), [serengetiensis N.: Sys/Gen/Dis]
Wildekamp, Watters & Shidlovskiy, 2014
Nothobranchius serengetiensis Nothobranchius serengetiensis Nothobranchius serengetiensis Nothobranchius serengetiensis N.serengetiensis Kiandere TAN 17-14 N.serengetiensis Magu K 11-14 N.serengetiensis Kiandere TAN 17-14