Loiselle, P.V. & D. Blair. 1971. A new Species of Aphyosemion (Teleostomi: Cyprinodontidae: Rivulinae) from Ghana, and a Redefinition of subgenus Fundulopanchax Myers, 1924. J. Amer. Killifish Assoc., 8 (1) (1972?): 1, fig. 1.
Genus: Pronothobranchius
Ghana Type locality:88 km Accra, to Ada, Ghana * [5.667 N : 0.650 W] Blair, 1968 | Loiselle & Blair, 1971 Others places: - 2 km Koluedor to Ada, S. Ghana [5.888 N : 0.462 W] Enemark, 2006 | Huber, 2007a - Shai Hills, appr. 50 km Accra to Akosombo, Ghana [5.903 N : 0.043 E] Enemark, 2006 | Huber, 2007a - Juapong road, N. Akosombo, Ghana [6.284 N : 0.185 E] Enemark, 2006 | Huber, 2007a Extension:
Ada (GH 06-5) Kasseh (GHALOZ 03-16) WAC18-KE Accra
Status specie: Not unanimously confirmed Difficult species to maintain several generations. Optimal development in the first weeks not different from the standard maintenance conditions of the Nothobranchius, but later it is common for them to show a slowdown in their development with a significant number of specimens that do not reach their adult size, possibly due to some deficiency in their diet or most improbably in the composition of the water. The specimens that arrive in good condition to reproduce spawn, but not a large number of eggs and for a rather short period of time. In my experience, it is better in pairs or trios and not in groups. Without a doubt it is a species to study its maintenance.
Related: Valdesalici, S. 2013. Pronothobranchius chirioi n. sp. a new annual killifish species from the Niger River drainage, with redescriptions of P. kiyawensis, P. gambiensis and P. seymouri (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae). Killi-Data Series 2013, 21-41, 10 figs., 2 tabs. [seymouri Prono.: Sys/Mor/Ost/Pat/Dis/Coll/valid sp.] Goldstein, R.J. 1972a. Aphyosemion seymouri Loiselle & Blair. American Killifish Association, Killi Notes, 5: 2 pp., fig. [seymouri Prono.: Aquar] Radda, A.C. 1977a. Katalog der Cyprinodontidae (Atheriniformes, Osteichthyes) von Kamerun. Verlag J. Zehnder & Co., St. Gallen, Switzerland: 98 pp., 46 figs., 46 maps. [seymouri Prono.: Sys/= kiyawensis]
Loiselle & Blair, 1971
Pronothobranchius seymouri Pronothobranchius seymouri Pronothobranchius seymouri Pronothobranchius seymouri P. seymouri WAC18-KE
P. seymouri WAC18-KE
P. seymouri Ada GH 06-5