Wildekamp, R.H. 1977. Zur Identifikation von Nothobranchius guentheri und N. palmqvisti, zwei Saisonfische aus Kenia und Tansania, mit der Beschreibung von N. steinforti sp. nov. D.K.G. (Deutsche Killifisch Gem.) J., 9 (3): 33, fig.
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Zonothobranchius.
Geographical Distribution Maps
Tanzania Type locality:8 km from (south of) Kimamba, road Morogoro-Kimamba, Tanzania. 6.767 S : 37.183 E 6.767 S : 37.183 E Extension: known only from type area
Kimamba T 76-4
Status specie: Unanimously confirmed. Species only collected once in 1976. Since then it has been kept in captivity without apparent degeneration due to inbreeding. Species that are easy to maintain in standard conditions (see article) and have good results spawning in group. The eggs have one of the shortest incubation periods in the Genus. They can be ready to be born in just over a month if the temperature is above 23 degrees. Very prone to Oodinium as all Nothobranchius.
Related: Seegers, L. 1982a. Farbtupfer aus Ostafrika. Prachtgrundkärpflinge. 3. Die übrige Nothobranchius-Arten des tansanischen Küstentieflandes. Aquarien Magazin, 16 (8): 492-500, 15 figs., map. [steinforti N.: Sys/Pat]
Wildekamp 1977
Nothobranchius steinforti Nothobranchius steinforti Nothobranchius steinforti Nothobranchius steinforti