Wildekamp, R.H. 1978. Redescription of Nothobranchius brieni Poll, 1938 and the Description of three new Nothobranchius Species (Pisces, Cyprinodontidae) from the Province of Shaba, Zaïre. Rev. Zool. Bot. Afr., 92: 350, fig. 3.
Genus: Nothobranchius Subgenus: Zonothobranchius. Group: brieni
Geographical Distribution Maps
Zambia, Congo Republic Type locality: near Mufumbi, Katanga Province. Congo Republic D. (12°56' S, 29°22' E) Others places:- Chirundu, Kapalala, Zambia [12.051 S : 28.833 E] Rosenstock, 1989 | Rosenstock, 1991 - 15km N. Kapalala (ZAM92/3), Zambia [12.300 S : 29.433 E] Watters, 1992 | Huber, 1996a - Near Mufumbi, 10°58'S, 28°09'E, Luapula drainage system, Malinde R. valley, Shaba -Luwombwa river, close to Luwombwa Lodge, Kasanka National Park (12 30 S30 8 E) Extension:Large area.Luapula basin of southeastern Zaïre and neighboring Zambia and lake Bagweulu region in northern Zambia
North Kapalala (ZAM 92-3) Kapalala (ZAM 07-4) Luapula River ZAM 07-5 Sitambuli (ZM 12-10) Tshonde (ZM 12-12) Chimpundu ZMHK 22-5
Status specie: Generally accepted Calm and scared fish. Not too prolific. It accepts less hard water for breeding and reproduction than most Nothobranchius.
Related: Nagy, B., F.P.D. Cotterill & D.U. Bellstedt. 2016. Nothobranchius sainthousei, a new species of annual killifish from the Luapula River drainage in northern Zambia (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters (Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwaters), 27 (3) (November): 233-254, 9 figs., 5 tabs. [ content/uploads/2017/04/ief27_3_04.pdf] [symoensi N.: Sys/Gen/Pat]
Wildekamp 1978
Nothobranchius symoensi Nothobranchius symoensi Nothobranchius symoensi Nothobranchius symoensi N. symoensi Tshonde ZAH-2018-07 N. symoensi Chimpundu ZMHK 22-5 N. symoensi Sitambuli ZM 12-10
N. symoensi Chimpundu ZMHK 22-5