About  N.M.G.

The N.M.G. has as main intention to show the world of the Nothobranchius in the  widest context by means of photos of capture, of specimens, bibliography etc, and very especially to have active a maintenance program .

 The site was born in 2009 as continuation of the project initiated by Marc Bellemans that he could not continue.

This Web  is maintained and coordinated for Francisco Casado , great enthusiast of the Nothobranchius for more than 35 years.He was the founder and first Chairman of the Association Spanish Killifish at that time nominated A.E.K.(1.982)  and that after  has continued with the current S.E.K...

Special mention  for John Rosenstock and Ian Sainthouse in the beginning of the site.

The N.M.G. is totally free and  and  is not the owner of the copyrights of the exhibited material belonging its to the respective authors.

 Francisco Casado pictures are free to use for non-commercial purposes, mentioning the autor.





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