Site dedicated to the information and maintenance on Nothobranchius with special importance for its conservation. If you are interested participating in the Maintenance proyect please read the bases and signup. Any information as articles, data, pictures etc which you want collaborate will be wellcome. Click on the link for contact.
Nothobranchius Maintenance Group
A new maintenance program started on June 15, 2023 Like the previous ones, it is totally free and free of responsibility. The only condition is your intention to maintain the species and populations of Nothobranchius that you want to include in the program for two years to try to contribute to the fact that species kept in the hobby do not continue to disappear. Unfortunately Nothobranchius live in a fragile balance, highly exposed to climate change and human intervention. Complying two years of maintenance in the program you will receive a small recognition. There is no limit to subscribe to it. You can do it at any time If you are interested, please click here. For know the actual status click Here. Kenya 2023 (KF 23) Steffen Fick and Andrea Mayr Species recognized Nothobranchius balamaensis . New specie. Malawi 2022.- Pierre Le Roux Kenya 2022 .- Steve Ehrlich Zambia 2022 /ZMHK 22) András Horváth Kis Ghana 2022 (Lawrenc Kent) Trips collecting Nothobranchius