MOZAMBIQUE 2012 (MZG12) Vasco Gomes January 2012 (Gaza, Mozambique)
MZG 12-01 MZG 12-02    Same that MZG 06/05 MZG 12-03 MZG 12-04    Same that MZG 06/08
 Location MZG 12-1. When I come it looks like the end of the world but a little time later children appear throughout. Young N. furzeri red tail. MZG 12-1 Location MZG 12-1 (Same 2006 and 2011). N.furzeri MZG 12-2. Same MZG 06-05 N.furzeri .Location MZG 12-1 N. furzeri red tail. MZG 12-2 MZG 12-2.. The locations MZG 06 and 05 join in the periods of big rains. The N. furzeri from location MZG 12-2  with the full stomach Location MZG 12-1. Gaza, Mozambique Location  MZG 12-3. Only collected some Nothobranchius females. Surely fuerzeri and/or pienari N. female fron location MZG 12-3 Biotope MZG 12-4 MZG 12-4. The same that MZG 06/08 MZG 12-4.  Again visitors. Here is more easy because there is a village near (Soveia) MZG 12-4.  Young N. furzeri  with yellow tail.