ghana 2006 (gh 06)
John Rosenstock
Location Ada GH 06-5 - here we found both kiyawensis and thierryi.  (Photo: Maud Rosenstock)  Location GH 06-3 was very muddy and it was hard to collect fishes here in November (Photo: Maud Rosenstock) Location Ada GH 06-5 is a roadside pool just a few meters from the Accra-Ada road.   (Photo: Maud Rosenstock) Kutunse is intersected by one of the major approach roads to Accra. (Photo: John Rosenstock) This is location Elubo GH 06-7, where we found Epiplatys chaperi and ONE Archiaphyosemion petersi.( Photo: John Rosenstock) We tried in vain to find Fp. walkeri in this little stream under the main road.   (Photo: Maud Rosenstock)
Locations codes GH 06-3 (P. kiyawensis and F. thierryi) GH 06-5 (P. kiyawensis and F. thierryi)