MAINTENANCE PROJECT 1. Each member agrees to maintain one or more species/populations after his own choice for a period of two years with no responsibility other than his own interest. 2. Members can choose between publishing the registered species with their name or hiding it. SPECIES LIST In case there are members who do not want their name to be shown, they will only see each other's species without breeder data. 2-3 times each year, each member will be asked for his species list (the species he has at the moment). The members is not obliged to supply other members with fish or eggs GENERAL: A record of species in the project is accessible to all members on the NMG web-page. Information and records about techniques for maintaining the Nothobranchius species can be created. The coordinator undertakes not to divulge details of members whose fish are on the ‘closed’ list. If you want to include some species in the Conservation Project click here. For more information click here.