András Horváth kis



Copyright pictures: András Horváth Kis


 Biotope of N. melanospilus 150 m east from the Ruvu River


 Biotope of N. melanospilus near from Yombo village


 Biotope of N. korthausae and N. melanospilus near from the Lukwale River bridge




 Hunting N. luekei


    Biotope of N. luekei near from Mbezi River

 Biotope of N. janpapi and N. melanospilus 1 km south of Njopeka village


N. melanospilus pair in the biotope (female on the middle, male above)


  Biotope of N. korthausae 1 km north of Jaribu village


 Biotope of N. melanospilus 8 km east of Mzenga village



 N. melanospilus in the net